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UDL-8000 Universal Data Aquisition and Monitoring System for Insulation Condition Monitoring

The UDL-8000 from Sparks Instruments is one of the most universal, complete and reliable condition based monitoring instrument for electrical and mecanical protection available on the market.

System is designed to collecting data, analyzing results and including continuous online monitoring of Partial Discharges, Rotor Magnetic Flux for Shorted Turn Detection, Stator End-Winding Vibration and Shaft Voltages or Current.

UDL-8000 Applications:

Rotating Machines

(PD, Shaft U/I, Magnetic Flux, Endwinding Vibration, Cavitation and Temp.)


(PD, Ozone Gas, SF6, Temperature & Humidity)


(PD on Bushing, Lossfactor, Ultra Sound, Vibration)

HV - MV Cables

(PD on cable termination and joints, Ultra Sound and Temp.)


(PD with UHF and AE Sensors)


SVP-2500 Shaft Voltage Measurement Probe for Generators

The SVP-2500 is one of the Shaft Voltage Measurement Probe Families which is used for the measurement of shaft voltages in generators, especially on turbo generators. The Special design allows to measure shaft voltages up to 2500V and is suitable for most of the generators. Different models are available depending on the shaft diameter and circumference speed.


ASC-2018 Air Gap Flux Probe

Air Gap Flux Probe for Rotor Interturn Short Circuit Detection of Turbo Generators


UDL-8000 - CAV Cavitation monitoring System

The cavitation monitoring system is based on acoustic measurement combined with UDL-8000 data acquisition and monitoring system family for online condition monitoring of the cavitation activity in large hydro generators.


HYDRO 2018 in GDANSK, POLAND - 15 to 17 october 2018 - Stand No. #29

Aqua~Media International is pleased to announce that HYDRO 2018
will take will take place in the elegant city of


at Amber Expo

15-17 October 2018


Turbogeneratoren in konventionellen Kraftwerken, Windparks und Wasserkraftwerken 11. Essener Tagung – Technik, Instandhaltung, Schäden


The Swiss company Sparks Instruments SA is your partner for diagnosis and condition based maintenance of electrical systems. After several years of intensive R&D efforts,Sparksinstruments offers a complete products portfolio representing the state of the art in diagnostic of electrical equipment, covering the full range of on-line and off-line applications from quality control testing, to condition based maintenance and permanent remote monitoring.

The core of the approach is based on an innovative technology for Partial Discharge detection and analysis. Our large experience of the world wide market, permit to develop customer friendly Hardware and Software. Sparks Instruments SA is please to present the first real 4 channel real time data aquisition system with an LCD touchscreen for direct analyses without an additional software and computer. Our unique developped system combine all measurement technologies that can be found o the market.

Our permanent objective is to provide customers with comprehensive and innovative solutions based on proven and leading technologies. We fully appreciate the fact our sensors and systems are applied in very demanding and harsh conditions of production machinery; each product is therefore designed, selected and tested to meet the real requirements of the application and comply with international standards. We always listen carefully to our customers and are attentive to their specific needs. As a result, our products reflect the demands of the world market.

With Head Offices located in Switzerland and sales representatives in differnet countries over the world, Sparks Instruments SA provides a comprehensive sales and support network to all customers targeting planning condition monitoring projects of power plants, the life extension of electrical machines.


Market Segment

Sparks Instruments SA focus there activities in partial discharge activities for rotating machines, transformers, GIS and cables. 


Sales Agreement with the Swiss Company MC-monitoring SA

In order to better serve our customers around the globe, a "Worldwide Exclusive Sales Representative & Technical Support" agreement in the Field of rotating machines were signed with the company MC-monitoring SA in Fribourg - Switzerland.

For more informations, please contact MC-monitoring SA


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