Magnetic Flux Senor

Airgap Flux Probe for Rotor Interturn Short circuit

Key Features

  • Individually designed to machine construction
  • High Temperature range, very small signal cable allows to lay the cable through e.h. through ventilation hole
Application Rotor winding short turn Detection of Generators
  • Rotor Winding Short Turn Detection of Turbo Generators
General DescriptionThe ASC-2016 is one of the ASC family of airgap search coils designed and manufactured by Sparks Instruments SA and is used to detect faults in the rotor winding insulation of turbo generators. The body is made out of fiber glass and the sensing element is encapsulated within high temperature epoxy resin. As many machine designs are different, the ASC sensor is typically designed especially for each type of machine. The probe is installed on the wedge within the airgap between rotor and stator and the integrated small high temperature cable allows an easy routing outside of the machine. The open wires allows to lay also the cable trough the ventilation holes instead passing it through the endwinding section. The Probe measures the variation of the magnetic flux created from each rotor coil. It withstands up to 2 Tesla and is designed to operate for more than 155°C. The high temperature signal cable can be permanently used for up to 155 °C. If longer signal cables than 10m are required, the probe is delivered with a signal driver.
Ordering InfromationOrder Code: 24.2016.0005 1x ASC-2016 with 5m integrated cable for airgaps up to 30mm and slotwidth >12mm 24.2016.0005 1x ASC-2016 with 5m integrated cable for airgaps up to 30mm and slotwidth >

Technical Datas and DimensionsPlease contact our sales department for further information and for the complete datasheet


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