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TMS-2000 Software

The TMS-2000 Data Storage and Visualisation is a multiplant / multiuser capable data storage software ideally made for analysis of partial discharge results over mutiple plants and units. The servier client strructure alows to store data locally and visualize data from local or remote client. Data is stored within a SQL based database running on a windows based computer. The build in replication service allows to have either a live backup server or allows to merge multiple databases into one single one (Data centralisation within e.g. Company Headquarter)


Slot Sensor for partial discharge


to aquire partial discharge signal in the airgap area

General Description

RPC Line partial discharge measurement sensor detects the partial discharge
pulse signal for a predetermined band of three partial discharge pulse signal, the
external noise is removed by filtering in real time for the detected differently de-pending on the characteristics of the generator. RPC? Stator generator is installed
primarily under Wedge, was built not affect the safe operation of the generator, in
particular has excellent properties resistant, high-voltage isolation of vibration.
  • NEMA G11 (Class F)
  • 100kHz ~ 100MHz Bandwidth
  • Dual output to distinguish slot discharge from partial discharges
  • 3 mm thick, width cut to fit stator slot, length to 12000mm
  • 85 mm (L) * 40 mm (W) * 3 mm (T) (slot modified)
  • Epoxy Glass
- temp : ~ 99±2 °C, 10times
- AC hipot : AC 8kV rms, 1minute


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